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Michigan Taxidermist Association Hall of Fame

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MTA's Most Prestigious Award

This award is used to recognize those involved in our Association that are/were instrumental to the development, implementation, improvement, representation or running of the Michigan Taxidermist Association. These individuals may be founding fathers, involved individuals, accomplished and renowned taxidermists, etc. Every member has the opportunity to nominate in writing, one member (past or present) of the MTA.  This may be done in person or via mail, electronically or physically. All members in attendance at the Winter Meeting will have the opportunity to  submit nominations for Hall of Fame to any member of the Hall of Fame Committee, who will as a committee select an annual winner to be awarded at the annual awards banquet.


Except the initial year, there are up to two recipients per year.

2022 Winners



2022 Taxidermy Competition winner

2021 Winners


Taxidermy Competition winner


2020 Winners

Taxidermy Competition winner


Hi, My name is Kurt Ainsworth. I was born in Grand Rapids Michigan. I moved to Kentucky in  1990. I first joined the MTA in 1984. I sat on the board of the MTA for two years and the NTA for eight. I love competing in Taxidermy, It has a way of keeping you sharp. I have won numerous award including The award of excellence in White Tail Deer, North American champion in mammals, and 9 WASCO awards. Nature and the study there of is a passion of mine. I enjoy teaching Taxidermy and sharing what I can to give back. My favorite quote is, "When compared to nature all Taxidermist's suck, just at different levels".

Taxidermy Competition winner


Hall Of Fame Previous Years


Brad Bruce, Jim & Barb Krichbaum, Ken & Pam Onken,
Jean Roll, Jan VanHoesen, Doug Veldhuis



Don Gadille, Roger Smith, 


Charlie & Pat Walker, Les Thomas


John Crabb, John VanSlambrouck

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