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Members of the Michigan Taxidermist Association have access to a variety of valuable educational OPPORTUNITIES & RESOURCES that enhance their SKILLS & PAYCHECKS!

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Association's Annual Competition and Convention!

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Taxidermy, like everything else, is an ever evolving industry.

The MTA has been serving the people of Michigan for over 40 years helping to uphold industry standards, providing training and higher learning to members and non members, and dedicating time to local communities through volunteering in the teaching of conservation, hunters safety, other training programs.


Membership Perks Include:

Educational Opportunities

Advice From The Experts!

Hands-On Training

Thank you for taking the time to visit the home of one of the nation’s largest state taxidermist associations. The Michigan Taxidermist Association is proud of our membership and our efforts within the state of Michigan to promote the art and business of Taxidermy.

The Michigan Taxidermist Association is on YouTube!

The Michigan Taxidermist Association is a 501c non profit organization dedicated to promoting the art of Taxidermy, education of conservation, hunters safety, and assisting youth and veterans with hunting and Taxidermy related activities.

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